Pet Surrender

Can’t Keep My Pet Anymore…

I can no longer keep my pet.  What are my options?

Forever Saving Angels Rescue considers animals to be members of a forever family.  With many pets surrendered to animal shelters each year, stray animals running the streets nationwide, surrendering a pet is not a decision to be taken carelessly.  If issues arise that disallow you from caring for your pet, there may be options for you to consider before surrendering your pet.  Many pets are given up by families because of unwanted behavior.  Before you surrender your pet too soon, please speak to a trainer and/or animal behaviorist for assistance (Forever Saving Angels will recommend a trainer please contact us).  If you have already made your final decision to re-home your pet, please do not wait until the last minute.  Please consider your pet(s) safety, it will be best to find a home through your veterinarian, dog walker/pet sitter, friends, family, co-workers, animal rescues, etc.  Please do not post on websites that would create an unwanted situation for your pet.  Please be patient because sometimes it will take time and effort to find an appropriate home for your companion pet.  Be sure to screen potential adopters carefully; ask questions about employment, references, financial stability, and previous pets they may have owned.  If possible, it is always good to visit the home of the potential adopter.

Putting your pet in an animal shelter should be your last result.  Most animal shelters operate at full capacity and only take surrenders by appointment only.  Most shelters have the right to end the life of any animal predicted to be unfit for adoption, sickly, or if time/space has run out.  Please make sure that the animal shelter has humane conditions and successful adoptions.

If you are having financial difficulties in order to care for your pet(s), for example:  food, vaccines, spay/neuter, etc.  Please contact our rescue.

Thank you for taking the time for your companion pet(s) safety, emotional and physical well being!