Surrender Form


Copy and paste the information below into a new document to complete.

Transfer of Ownership Agreement


Instructions for Surrender: Please read this agreement, fill in the blanks, sign it, and return it to Forever Saving Angels at the time of surrender. Please do not omit any information about your animal in order to get a home for him/her. The information is vital so we can find a suitable match for your pet’s disposition, age and health. Please use a separate Agreement for each animal.


We agree to provide a lifetime of care for every animal for which we accept responsibility. We will not euthanize the animal you are surrendering unless diagnosed terminal, if suffering or in pain and then only upon the recommendation of our veterinarians.


Please give us your pet’s veterinary records, proof of heartworm negative status, and collars, tags, bowls, toys, an unwashed article of your clothing, his favorite blanket or bed and a week’s supply of his current food at time of surrender. Having familiar items will help him to accept his new surroundings in a shorter period of time thereby reducing stress to a minimum.


The Agreement


Permanent Surrender. You, as the legal owner, are permanently surrendering and transferring ownership to us the animal described herein as:


Pets Name:  


Male                Female

Sterilized: Yes             No



 Distinguishing Characteristics:

Microchip Info:

Was this animal ever used for breeding? Yes         No


You agree that you, your spouse, heirs, assigns and/or co-owners, if any, are irrevocably transferring and relinquishing to us legal ownership of the animal on the date of surrender. This gives us complete authority to take whatever actions in our sole judgment are necessary and in the best interest of the animal.


You are providing the following information about the animal, which you promise is true, complete and correct on the date of this agreement. Please explain your answers on the blank lines.

Are you the first owner? Yes              No


Owner’s Name:


City, State, and Zip Code:

Phone Number:

Email Address:


Signature of transfer from owner to rescue:_________________________________________